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"But Change is Just Too Hard..."

You feel like you might be going through peri-menopause as you’ve got symptoms that tick the boxes.

You want to feel less rubbish and think you know what you ‘should’ be doing in terms of eating better, exercising more and managing stress but change is just too hard, too time consuming and too overwhelming to handle alone.

Sometimes it feels that doing nothing is just easier and hope that symptoms will just disappear on their own. ’I just need to get through it’ is a common spoken or unspoken phrase we tell ourselves.

However, 3-10 years (this is the length of time peri-menopause can last) is a hell of a long time to ‘just get through’ when you could be feeling so much better during this time.

An empty road is shown with a sign that says Big Journeys Start with Small Steps

Your view of change might be that it is a mountain that is too scary, uncomfortable and too challenging to start to climb and you just can’t be bothered. BUT, what if I told you that starting to climb that mountain in small steps can be manageable, doable and empowering, even if it takes time.

Just think about this when you think about making changes:

  • 0 minutes of steps towards change a day is still 0 minutes of steps 365 days later so no change made.

  • 5 minutes a day of steps towards change is 1,825 mins or 30 hours of steps 365 days later

  • 15 minutes a day is 5,475 mins or 91 hours of steps 365 days later -nearly 4 whole days!

  • 30 minutes a day is 10,950 or a whopping 182 hours of change - over one whole week’s worth!

Picture of a woman's feet wearing trainers, taking steps towards a beach

Do you get my point? Even very small steps make a difference. Change doesn’t have to be all or nothing, it just needs to be something.

Taking small steps is the key to making great changes during menopause.

If you want support to help start and continue to take the steps to change, click on the link below

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