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So what exactly happens in a coaching session?

My previous blog talked about what coaching actually is but now you might be wondering what actually takes place during a coaching session, so let me clarify this for you.

Coaching is highly individualised and the structure and focus of each session can vary based on the client’s needs, but it’s not about being told what to do and it’s not about being counselled!

Here are some general pointers as to what’s involved:

1. ESTABLISHING GOALS - a coach discusses these with you as the client and then helps you clarify them and make them well-defined.

A woman creating a vision board during a coaching session

2. ASSESSMENT - a coach will ask questions to assess your current situation and challenges. The coaching process can then be tailored specifically to you.

3. EXPLORATION - you work together with your coach to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours related to your goals

A woman looking puzzled - above her is a blackbord with two arros saying This Way and That Way

4. IDENTIFYING OBSTACLES - the coach will help you identify obstacles that might be hindering your progress, whether these are internal (self-doubt, limiting beliefs) or external (work, family, time pressures etc).

5. SETTING ACTIONABLE STEPS - the coach helps you define specific, actionable steps to overcome obstacles and move closer towards your goals. Steps are broken down into small, manageable tasks.

A planner with 5 Post its saying Vision, Mission, Goal, Strategy and Action Plan

6. ACCOUNTABILITY - the coach helps hold you accountable for the actions you commit to taking. This provides motivation and helps you stay focused on your goals.

7. FEEDBACK AND SUPPORT - the coach provides feedback and support throughout the process. They may offer a different perspective, help you challenge your own limiting beliefs, and provide encouragement to help you stay on track.

8. REFLECTION - a coach will encourage you to reflect on your progress and the insights gained in the sessions, to enhance self-awareness and make informed decisions.

Two women concluding a coaching session

9. CLOSURE - the session typically ends with a summary of key point, your action steps and a sense of closure. The coach will aim to leave you with a sense of empowerment and encouragement to continue progress between sessions.

To find out more about working with me as your coach, please click on the link below to arrange a call with me.

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