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Lost your mojo and general sparkle?

Lacking energy? Experiencing low mood?

If you are suffering baffling and unfamiliar symptoms and you’re not feeling your old self, don’t despair!

You can be confident that I'm with you all the way!


Photograph of Mel Conder

Hi, I’m Mel, a certified nutrition and menopause coach. I can help you fully comprehend what’s going on for you and with simple adjustments, I can help you take control and regain your sense of self.  By listening to you and understanding you, I will help you feel lighter: emotionally, mentally and physically.  

I will help you find out what’s going on and support you to:

  • Establish new eating habits that work for you (no fad diets or deprivation)

  • Develop simple routines to create more hormonal and nutritional balance

  • Make lifestyle changes that become healthy habits and increase energy levels

  • Create a positive mindset around menopause

  • Feel emotionally, physically and mentally nourished

Focusing on positivity and bite-size wins, I will support you in closing the gap between what you are currently experiencing and how you ultimately want to feel. With gentle steps, you can make a giant leap into a happier midlife.


During my early 40s, I started to experience a variety of symptoms including weight gain around my middle (or my 'muffin top'), joint pain, mood swings and poor sleep.   I veered easily from anger to tears and was often crippled with anxious thoughts and chronic catastrophising. 

At times, I felt like I didn’t know who I was anymore and thought I was going mad!  I had never heard of peri-menopause and just assumed my symptoms were all due to the general stress of family life and raising teenagers. It was only when I started to experience night time hot flushes and then my periods became very infrequent that the penny started to drop.  By 48 I was in menopause.


Committed to sharing my knowledge and experience


I qualified as a nutrition coach and then a menopause coach so that I could help other women like you understand and take charge of this challenging transitional time of life.

 As a nutrition and menopause coach, I use my back-to-basics nutrition and lifestyle knowledge to help you understand how this sits alongside the hormonal changes that occur in menopause.  


Every woman has to go through menopause, but not every woman has to just ‘get through’ menopause. I am here to support you.


To find out more, please get in touch for a free 30-minute discovery call

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